The foundations of our company were laid by Mehmet Yayla in Iskenderun 63 years ago. At that time, Mehmet Yayla arriving at Iskenderun from Elazig, which was the hometown to go to the USA because of the popularity to work in the USA, started to deal with the contracting work which he knew while waiting for the day to take the journey. Later, he gave up his idea of journey to ??the USA and founded Yayla Insaat in 1950. In the following years, he undertook superstructure projects under the name of Yayla Insaat Kollektif Sirketi, where he married and started his family. Until the 1980s, he has successfully carried out the major projects of the city and gradually handed over the company works to the second generation.


In order to contribute to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of our country, our company continues to work on evaluating opportunities to develop suitable projects in the HEPP and SEPP areas.


Until 1990, our company mainly undertaken superstructure projects, carried out international transportation operations for a while and continued to work mostly in Hatay and its vicinity.