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Having contracted mainly for the superstructure projects till 1990, been engaged in the international transportation operations for a period, and continued their operations on regional basis mainly in Hatay and its vicinity, our company has determined their strategies to raise the bar higher as of that date, and has begun to pick the fruits of this study by having been entitled to get the tender of Group Drinking Water of Gaziantep Bur Lagoon of the Administration of Rural Services in 1990.

In the following period, the company has successfully implemented the following projects, with being with a partner:
In 1995, narck Dam called as the GAP of the Region,
In 1998, Sewer Line Construction of the District of Vakfkebir, Trabzon,
In 2002, Zonguldak atalaz Dam for Disposal of Ash and Slag,
In 2006, Bodrum Safir Houses, as a special investment. ,

Having been entitled to get Overseas Contracting Certificate within this process, our company has now been continuing the projects of the Construction Works for Sewage and Rain Water Lines within the Borders of the District of Etimesgut, Ankara and the Construction Works for Waste Water and Rain Water within the Regions of Temelli, ayyolu and Yaamkent in Ankara, which are the two tenders won in 2011.

With the continuing projects, our company has achieved many projects having an investment value of approximately 500 million TL as of today, and aspires to be involved in larger works in the future with their experience and power from the past.