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In our country adding new sights into the list of sights required to be visited around the world every day within the fields of sea, winter, history and culture tourism, the Master Plan Project of Kayseri Erciyes Winter Tourism Center, which was put in a tender in 2005, was completed in 2008. Under this plan which is to be implemented in two stages, it is decided:

* to increase the bed capacity currently having 800 beds to 5000;
* to increase the track length which is currently 9 km long to 160 km;
* to increase the number of 5 mechanical installations to 20;
* to construct the convention center of 2000 people;
* to construct 9 football courts as well as football training center and social facilities on Mount Erciyes.

In 2012, within the scope of the relevant plan, 21 hotels and 3 excursion facility areas have been put in a tender.

After this period, Yayla Energy Production Tourism & Construction Trade Co. Inc. has got the property rights of the facilities within a total construction area of approximately 30.000 m2 including 4 hotels and 1 excursion facility.

Today, the construction, advertisement, promotion and marketing works are still being carried out with respect to the project, of which the feasibility and project studies have been started as of the end of 2012.